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Who are you, and why should we trust you?

  • The webmaster, Jay Windley, has been trained as an engineer and has worked in various industries including aerospace. He studied mechanical engineering and computer science at Kansas State University (BSCS), and engineering design and computer science at the University of Utah. At the latter institution he did graduate work using their advanced manufacturing laboratory and for the associated corporate spin-off Engineering Geometry Systems. This group provided design and testing support to major aerospace contractors as well as the U.S. Department of Defense. He currently works as a systems engineer developing high-performance computers and supercomputing applications for customers such as Boeing, Northrup-Grumman, and Airbus.
  • Windley has been acknowledged as an expert in the technical history of Apollo and has consulted with several authors including Arthur C. Clark, Ed Mitchell, and his comments have appeared in The New York Times Magazine and Metropole. Many of his professional mentors were engineers on the Apollo project and have offered personal insights on many of these questions, and have arranged access to materials and machinery not otherwise easily available.
  • Windley is an experienced photographer and has worked professionally in that area from time to time. He apprenticed with photographer Douglas Smith, formerly of Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Windley's interests also include the entertainment industry. He appears regularly on, behind, or under Utah stages and has worked with James Earl Jones, Sterling Brimley, Erik Ward, and the award-winning production crew at the Hale Centre Theatre. He has worked in Hollywood with Lex de Azevedo and helped develop the visual effects for Stephen Hawking's The Fate of the Universe.

If the webmaster used to work in aerospace, then doesn't that mean he and all the other contributors could be part of the conspiracy?

Yes, it's possible but not very rational. The conspiracists wish to divide their opponents into two groups, those who know very little about the moon landings and therefore don't have the knowledge required to see through the holes in the conspiracy theory, and those who know quite a bit about the moon landings and therefore (say the conspiracists) are probably part of the conspiracy. To stack the deck so that all the possibilities point to the conspiracy is to avoid seriously examining the question. Evidence which seriously challenges the conspiracy must be dealt with, regardless of who proposes it.

As a practical matter, the webmaster has never worked for NASA. He has no financial interest in supporting NASA's claims.

Is there a chat board or forum where I can discuss your claims?

Yes. hosts our official web forum. It is moderated by the administrator of that site, not by anyone here at Clavius. Many of our authors and editors also participate at the Bad Astronomy site and on the Apollo-Hoax Yahoo group.

I want to talk to you privately. How should I reach you?

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