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Baron, Thomas (d. 1967)
American quality control inspector. Baron brought to light numerous safety violations in connection with the investigation of the Apollo 1 fire.
Brian, William L. II
American author and engineer. Brian wrote Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the U.S. Space Program. He argues that NASA discovered the moon's gravity was not one-sixth of earth's, but rather 64% as strong. Brian does not dispute that astronauts visited the moon, but rather what they discovered when they got there.
Collier, James M. (d. 1998)
American journalist and author. Collier produced the video Was It Only a Paper Moon? in 1997. He consulted with Ralph Rene on the latter's book and continued his investigation into the Apollo program. I have reviewed his article in Media Watch.
Kaysing, William C. (1922-2005)
American author and head of technical publications at Rocketdyne until 1963. Kaysing wrote We Never Went to the Moon in 1974 and many of his original arguments are still offered by modern conspiracists. Some consider him the father of the lunar landing hoax theory.
O'Leary, Brian
American scientist and astronaut. Dr. O'Leary left the astronaut corps before being assigned to a mission. He is frequently consulted by conspiracy theorists. Here is a discussion of O'Leary's contribution to the conspiracy theory.
Percy, David
British photographer, filmmaker, and author. Percy co-wrote Dark Moon and co-produced its companion video What Happened On the Moon? He believes that NASA may have put astronauts on the moon, but that for various reasons the documentary photos and video were falsified. Percy is the chief proponent of the whistle-blower theory.
Plait, Phil
American astronomer and author. Also known as "The Bad Astronomer", Plait points out errors in the portrayal of physical sciences and facts of nature in popular media.
Rene, Ralph (d. 2008)
American author and inventor. Rene wrote the book NASA Mooned America in which he argues that Van Allen belt radiation was too intense for the astronauts to safely traverse. He often claims to be an engineer and a physicist, although he admits he has no credentials and is self-taught.
Sibrel, Bart Winfield
American videographer. Sibrel is the producer of A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Moon. Here is a treatment of some of Sibrel's charges.
Welch, Brian (d. 2000)
American publicist. Welch is the NASA spokesperson who has granted interviews to several conspiracy theorists.
White, Jack
American photo historian. White was first known for his attempt to prove forgery in certain photos associated with the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. He has only recently attempted to analyze the Apollo photographs.

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