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We originally intended to review these sites individually and respond to the points as they were brought up. We soon concluded this would lead to unnecessary duplication. And as the authors revised their sites our rebuttals would become stale.

Aulis Online
The publishers of the book Dark Moon run this site. Visitors can see snippets of the photo analysis done for the book. There are articles and messages left by readers continuing the debate. Their interactive services have been offline for about two months due to a server upgrade.
Did man really walk on the Moon???
Published in December 2000 by the Prabhubada Hare Krishna News Network, which neither has little to do with nor is endorsed by the vast majority of Krishna consciousness devotees (i.e., ISKCON). This is mostly a summary of Ralph Rene's radiation arguments. It includes an online forum.
Did We Go?
Official site of Aron Ranen for his film Did We Go?.
Man on Moon or Pie in Sky?
An article that appeared in Wired's online magazine July 20, 1999. It makes reference to Ralph Rene, David Percy, and Bill Kaysing as conspiracists and consults a few outside experts to check their claims.
Moon Fakers?
Reproduces some of the more mundane photographic analysis and hostile environmental arguments. The author seems undecided about the evidence he presents.
NASA: Numerous Anomalies and Scams Allowed
This site wins our prize for best combination of ignorance and arrogance.
Skeptics Media Watch - Did Hollywood put the first man on the Moon?
Online version of an article published in Sydney Daily Telegraph March 31, 1999 written by Daniel Jeffreys. There are some choice quotes from Bill Kaysing.
Unanswered Questions about the Moon Landings
A reiteration of some of the more ill-informed criticism of the moon landing technology. The nameless author of this site seems very secure in what are demonstrably naive assertions. It's especially amusing to watch him smugly fail to understand the principle of sublimation in a vacuum.


Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
One of the best sources of all kinds of information on the activities of the Apollo astronauts on the lunar surface. Includes photographs, video, audio, and rare documents.

A well-organized collection of visual and textual material on the Saturn booster family and the Apollo spacecraft. Contains the spacecraft references online (but without illustrations).
The most complete and detailed site available on space hardware and programs.


Spacecraft Films
Order high-quality DVD copies of the film and television records from entire missions.

Once a conspiracist site, the webmaster now believes the lunar landings actually did occur. Contains a lively web board.
Bad Astronomy
One of the more popular sites on the lunar landing hoax. The webmaster is an astronomer. Contains a lively web board.
Contains news and original research regarding the claims of conspiracists. It also covers related conspiracy theories such as the Martian construction theories.

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