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This began as a simple list of references used to compose this site, but it has expanded to provide a list of resources that everyone might find useful while investigating the Apollo project and the claims surrounding it. We have also reproduced some of the materials directly in order to make them available.

Acronyms and terms used on this site and in space sciences.
Printed materials
Books, magazine articles, and other printed material that propose conspiracy theories or provide information on the Apollo project.
Video and television
Films, video, and television programs which discuss the Apollo conspiracy theories or provide information on the Apollo project.
Web sites
Online resources including the web sites of conspiracists and links to information that applies to the exploration of the moon.
Notable participants
Brief descriptions of people who have made a material contribution to the discussion of Apollo conspiracy theories.
The Collier article
Our response to a popular article published by journalist James M. Collier.
The Milne article
Our response to an article by David Milne that has been circulated on the Internet.
Bart Sibrel's Top Fifteen
Our response to Bart Sibrel's top fifteen reasons for believing the lunar landings were falsified.
NASA's Response to Scott Grissom
A NASA report answering questions by U.S. Rep. F.J. Sensenbrenner and giving the origin of the small piece of metal Scott Grissom says was used to sabotage his father's spacecraft.
Wayne Green
A blog entry written by Wayne Green on his website.
Aulis Speaks Out
Mary Bennett and David Percy have responded to some of their critics in an article on their web site. This is our response.
Dr. Neville Jones
Dr. Neville T. Jones attacks the authenticity of the Apollo missions ostensibly from the point of view of a physicist, but probably more likely from the point of view of a devout Christian.

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