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This site deals primarily with conspiracy theories relating to the United States' Apollo project which landed men on the lunar surface. We address specific arguments as well as provide background information and suggestions on how readers can verify my arguments themselves.

There are a number of ways to read this site. The home page and the navigation buttons on the left side are indexes into topic areas. We apologize if the buttons seem confusing. In keeping with the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme, we have used three-letter acronyms similar to those Hal used to label the topics in his user interface.

Or you may choose to read the site like a book, using the NEXT and PREV buttons at the bottom of each page to get to each page in a certain (hopefully logical) sequence.


For ease of discourse, we have adopted the term "conspiracist" to refer to those who formulate or advocate a conspiracy theory. This should be carefully distinguished from "conspirator", meaning someone who participates in an actual conspiracy.

We have written this site in the form of a sort of dialogue with conspiracists.

Throughout the site, we will use color headings and the small triangle icon () to identify the conspiracists' claims or questions.

We have at times copied the conspiracists word for word, not intending to plagiarize, of course, but to represent their arguments as accurately as possible. We see no honor in misrepresenting them in order to appear to "win" the argument. Where possible and appropriate we have credited specific conspiracists in [square brackets] when we give arguments particular to an individual. Where we specify the conspiracist's exact wording, the statement appears in customary "quotation marks."

We are retrospectively footnoting and documenting my arguments.


Except where noted, this site is our own work. Photos credited to NASA are in the public domain and may be used freely from this site. Uncredited photos are my own work and may also be used freely, preferably with attribution. Photos credited to third parties are used by permission.

The text of this site is not in the public domain. Reproducing brief parts of it elsewhere is fine. We appreciate being credited. If you claim our work as your own or try to make money from it, you will be asked to stop.

Similarly, if we have inadvertently used your intellectual property without due credit or compensation, please contact us so that we can remedy that.


This site would not have been possible without the contributions of several people of various disciplines. While we would like to give individual credit, we do not wish to offend by omitting any important names. We therefore thank them profusely as a group.

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