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The temperature of the lunar surface can be very hot. Some say this precludes working there. This page discusses the problems of heat on the lunar surface. You might also enjoy this primer on the physics of heat transfer.
Lunar soil is an interesting material. This page discusses some of its unique properties.
Many people consider the moon rocks to be the most compelling evidence that the Apollo missions were successful. Not surprisingly, conspiracy theorists have elaborate scenarios for how they were allegedly obtained or fabricated.
Radiation and the Van Allen Belts
For the beginning student, a primer on radiation is provided. The main page discusses the radiation environment of cislunar space and what was done to avoid the hazard of radiation exposure.
Solar Particle Events
The truth about solar particle events and how Apollo avoided them.
Radiation and Film
How would radiation affect photographic film? Conspiracists have done some tests to answer this question. But is it the right answer?
Leaping and Walking
Did the astronauts really leap to great heights in the lunar surface? Why do they walk so strangely?
Simulating Low Gravity
How would it be possible to simulate low gravity on the moon and microgravity during the voyage?
What are the conditions under which you would expect to see dust clouds on the moon?
Fluttering flags
How can the flag be waving if there's no air?

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